Can a Nest Hello Doorbell Be Hacked?

We live in a time and age where technology plays a huge role in our daily lives. Humans are now connected just about 100% of the time in their everyday lives to the internet. As a human race, we tend to take this for granted and not think of the pitfalls. It is important to know where we might be vulnerable and need to not be so trustworthy, taking proper precautions. Yes, technology is amazing and keeps getting better and better. But like Uncle Ben said “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

There have been recent reports of smart home technology being hacked, so this article is going to tackle a specific smart home doorbell, the Nest Hello. So, can this specific doorbell be hacked? Yes, a Nest Hello video doorbell can be hacked! Over the past few years there have been breaches to the Nest accounts due to reused or easy to guess passwords.

In the age of technology there are security measures we need to take to make sure the technology we love so much is being used the way it was intended for and not for harm. Below we will learn what happens when these measures are not taken and how we can make sure we are never the victims of a hack attack.

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Horror Stories

  1. A Couple in Wisconsin had their system hacked and the hacker turned up their thermostat and started talking to them through the camera in their kitchen.
  2. A California family was horrified when a hacker decided to broadcast an emergency alert that North Korean missiles were headed to the USA.
  3. In Houston there was a family that said a hacker talked through their camera and told them he was going to kidnap their baby and that he was currently in the babies room.
  4. At one point a hacker straight up told the man who he hacked that his password had been compromised and he was watching him…. creepy.
  5. An Illinois couple said a hacker talked to their baby and taunted them through their Nest device.

Googles Response

Almost everyone has been on Google to search for something at one point or another. They are one of the most well known companies in the world. As of recently, they own all the Nest Home Security products and have added them to the Google Store.

When they started hearing about the recent hacks into their cameras they said it was not due to a breach into the Nest devices. BUT it was because of previously compromised passwords. Due to this, they added two-factor authorization to the Nest app, so sign up for this immediately. More details on this below.

Note, Google is not the only company that has had issues with their smart devices being hacked. Over the past few years, we have seen company after company in the smart home industry be hacked. This is not an issue that will be going away any time in the near future or at any time ever. With this said, there are ways to help make sure that users of the smart devices are not hacked with such ease.

How to Help Prevent Being Hacked

The fact that everything is now connected over the internet is the reason that these devices can be hacked from anywhere in the world. We now need to be more knowledgeable of the ways to protect ourselves from being a victim of a hack. Below are some detailed ways to help prevent being hacked and keep your home secure.

Recently the Nest Security Platform has added two-factor authentication. This authentication method makes is so a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two distinct pieces of evidence to the interface. This is a MUST now-adays with the recent hacks. Users need to always utilize two-factor authentication as this is one of the most certain ways to make sure hackers cannot access your Nest accounts.

Secondly, users should always have a strong password. This should be straight forward, but you wouldn’t believe how many people have a password of “password” or “password123”. Always use difficult combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters. There are websites and apps that can help you create and keep track of all your passwords.

Another way is to set up family accounts. Never let others use your email and password to sign into the Nest app. Always invite newbies to share access to your home using the family account if needed. Also, do not just give anyone access to your home security app.

Next, upgrade to a cloud based system. Store your video surveillance on the cloud. This allows companies to always install software updates and patch vulnerabilities ASAP. This will ensure that the most up to date security precautions are being used.

Lastly, install a firewall on the home network. If the objective is to use smart home products, then this is a must. We want to ensure that the home is as safe as possible and the hackers can not make it inside virtually or in person.

How to Know If You Already Have Been Hacked?

After reading the details above you may be thinking… Am I being hacked right now? Here are a few things to check for to ensure you are not currently being infiltrated:

  • Make sure the cameras do not move unintentionally
  • Take note of camera lights turning on randomly
  • Listen to see if there are strange noises coming from the camera
  • Double check to make sure the security settings have not been changed

I’m not sure about you, but if I see a camera move when it’s not supposed to be, this is a red flag. Immediately unplug that device and make sure you have not been hacked. We need to take extra precautions if this happens.

Most security cameras have lights on them when they are being watched. Keep an eye out on these lights. Make sure these lights are not on when someone should not be monitoring the video. If the light is on…. someone is watching.

This should seem obvious, but if you hear weird or awkward noises from the camera, odds are this is an indication that someone may have hacked into your security camera.

When updating your security settings and you notice that they are not how you left them, this is another indication that someone may have gained access to your settings and the hacker has made adjustments to them.

False Sense of Security?

After reading through this article you may be saying to yourself “home security cameras linked to the internet are not safe”. In some circumstances this could be said to be true. However, if the proper security protocols are followed and updated on a routine basis, then home security cameras are a huge help in adding security to one’s home.

Home security cameras are still, in fact, the number one deterrent of home burglars. Many burglars stated they would choose to rob a different home if they saw a security camera. This alone is a great reason to install home security cameras around the house.

Local law enforcement offices have even started to use these cameras to decrease crime in neighborhoods. There have been multiple instances where the police have used these home cameras to catch robbers, vandals, and even kidnappings. Communities that have neighborhood watches and have residents with these cameras are seeing dramatic drops in crime rates. The eye of technology is always watching.

Related Questions:

Can the Nest Doorbell be stolen? Yes, but if it is stolen Nest will send you a replacement free of charge. Many other smart home doorbells have warranties similar to this.

Can I use a Nest Hello Doorbell without Wi-Fi? With Nest, you aren’t able to use it without being connected to the home Wi-Fi. The doorbell will still function, but the video recording will no longer work.

Has Ring ever been hacked? Yes, there have been multiple instances just like Nest where the Ring doorbell was also hacked. The smart home industry is new and security measures are getting more advanced.

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